Stories From the Road: First Responder Stories

Chief Scott - "The Iron Worker"

November 01, 2022 Phil Klein Season 4 Episode 6
Stories From the Road: First Responder Stories
Chief Scott - "The Iron Worker"
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“I told her it wasn’t me, you know, it was me with a team, and that’s what always happens. And I think people need to realize that it’s not always about the guy or the girl [...] who may be at the head performing the intubation, or giving the medication, or the first person who shocked him. It’s the whole chain of what goes on from stem to stern, and when that all falls into place, man, you can do some great work.” 
– Chief Scott

When Scott and his team are dispatched to an electrocution at a railroad expansion project, they arrive to find a group of iron workers encircling one of their own. A second-generation iron worker, the 28-year-old woman had been working three stories up on the project’s pedestrian bridge when steel struck a high-voltage power line and left her in cardiac arrest 35 feet in the air. Her mentor’s quick thinking got her to the ground in less than two minutes, and paramedics worked diligently to get her pulse and blood pressure back as they transported her to a nearby hospital. Scott believed she stood a chance of surviving, but he wasn’t sure he’d ever know the outcome – until his phone rang a few days later.

Join former paramedic/firefighter and host Phil Klein as he shares the mic with returning guest Chief Scott. In a world that tends to dwell on the negative and disseminate it via social media, Scott works to ensure his team has every opportunity to see their work makes a difference. He discusses the phone call he received from the young woman’s mother following the incident and the importance of celebrating the positive and recognizing that every call is a team effort.

If you enjoyed this story from the road with Chief Scott, you can check out his first appearance on the show in his episode "Mentor" from season three! Please visit us on Patreon to learn more about how you can support the podcast. As always, thank you for listening! 

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(Cont.) Chief Scott - "The Iron Worker"