Stories From the Road: First Responder Stories

Chief Scott - "Three Weeks, Three New Babies"

February 07, 2023 Season 5 Episode 1
Stories From the Road: First Responder Stories
Chief Scott - "Three Weeks, Three New Babies"
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It was a really unique situation because this girl was actually carrying – as a surrogate – the baby for her sister who couldn’t have children, so this was like a super important pregnancy. It had to succeed.” - Chief Scott

Twenty-five years. Fifty deliveries. Three weeks. Three new babies.

Many first responders find that obstetric emergencies are more often studied in the classroom than experienced on the job and, when they do occur, they’re usually few and far between. For Scott, however, a three-week period of his career involved the birth of not one, or two, but three babies. Precise timing was imperative for the calls, which ranged from a pregnant woman in cardiac arrest, to a woman experiencing an uncommon pregnancy complication, to a woman giving birth within just two minutes of Scott’s arrival. Fortunately, all delivered a happy ending to three very grateful families.

Welcome back to season five of Stories From the Road. We're glad you're here! Join host and former paramedic/firefighter Phil Klein as he kicks off the season with returning guest Chief Scott, who has been involved in the delivery of 50 babies – the only statistic he has tracked during his two-and-a-half-decade career. He shares how he’s been privileged to keep in touch with the families and the children he helped during those weeks, and he describes the collective joy among first responders who get to share in being a part of life’s miracles. For Scott, these are the calls that help him persevere through difficult situations and remind him that what he and his fellow first responders do truly matters.

Our seasons are only as good as your stories! Click here to learn more about how your story from the road could be featured in an upcoming episode. If you enjoyed listening to this episode with Chief Scott, be sure to check out his other episodes including "Mentor" from season three and "The Iron Worker" from season four. 

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(Cont.) Chief Scott - "Three Weeks, Three New Babies"