Stories From the Road: First Responder Stories

Detective Vic - "Chaos Continued"

April 11, 2023 Season 5 Episode 10
Stories From the Road: First Responder Stories
Detective Vic - "Chaos Continued"
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“They hit him with that Narcan, Mr. Blount jumped up like, it was like a Halloween thing.  The guy jumped up on the %*^# gurney and is throwing — he’s in withdraw — and he’s throwing up against the side of the wall like a fire hose.  And I’ll never forgot, the nurse goes, ‘Would you do that in your house?’” – Detective Vic

You’d be hard-pressed to make up a story involving a cast of characters known as Portuguese Elvis, Whiplash Willie, and Hansel and Gretel, but for Detective Vic, they were a very real part of his 20-year career in the New York City Police Department. From summer days spent sitting on DOAs in sweltering city apartments to fellow department members who couldn’t pull their own weight – literally – and navigating the subterranean lairs of apartment buildings only to discover NYC’s largest cockfighting ring, Vic takes listeners on a whirlwind ride that could only happen on the streets of New York City.

Join former paramedic/firefighter and host Phil Klein for the final episode of season five as he shares the mic with returning guest Detective Vic, who acquired more than a few stories from his work in everything from auto crimes to narcotics. Now retired and an author, Vic entertains his readers with humorous and improbable insights of events from his personal life as well as his professional life inside the nation’s largest police department. 

Can’t get enough of the chaos? Click here to learn more about Vic or to purchase his books. 

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(Cont.) Detective Vic - "Chaos Continued"